Portuguese Rooster (orange) print
Portuguese Rooster (orange) print
Portuguese Rooster (orange) print
Portuguese Rooster (orange) print

Portuguese Rooster (orange) print

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Fine art print, signed by the artist.

This story is bound to astonish you.

The Portuguese Rooster, or Barcelos Rooster, is a Portuguese nacional symbol with an amazing legend to back it up.

As the story goes, back in the middle ages, a stranger arrived in the Portuguese town of Barcelos, claiming to be following the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.

During his stay, he was accused of theft and was sentenced to death by hanging.

In a bid to avoid this terrible fate, the innocent pilgrim begged to see the judge who had passed the sentence. His wish was granted.

The magistrate happened to by in a banquet with friends. When he arrived, the prisoner pointed to a roasted cockerel on the dinner table and proclaimed “It is as certain that I am innocent as it is certain that this rooster get up and will crow.”  And before everyone’s eyes, the rooster stood up, flapped its wings and crowed.

The man was set free. 

The Barcelos Rooster is today an icon of the Portuguese Folk Culture and, to many, a symbol of faith, justice, and good luck. 


Printed in Bockingford fine art paper, this print is available in 2 different sizes:

A4 - measuring 21 cm X 29,7 cm, (7,9 x 11,7 inches);
A3 - measuring 29,7 cm X 42 cm (11,7 x 16,5 inches).

These colourful art prints are all made from original paintings (painted in acrylic) and are a special and unique wall art choice for any area of your home. 

Floral patterns and bright bold colours are a staple in Lis Gonçalves' artwork, which is packed with positive energy. Her style aims to bring a pleasing emotion to the viewer. Inspired by nature, and also by traditional arts from around the world, her work is synonymous with serenity and joy, jovial innocence and cheerful feelings.

All prints are carefully shipped flat, inside a protective sleeve along with a stiff card for protection.

*Frame not included.*

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