Peace #1
Peace #1
Peace #1

Peace #1

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Original artwork, painted in acrylic and pigment ink on paper.

The series Energy Reflections aims to offer the best ever vibe to your home.

As an artist I always thrived in creating art that would bring other people a smile and lighten their life. This series is no different, but, in fact, it's much more...

Each artwork is created with intention, bringing to the artistic creation a pleasant, warm aura and a positive vibration.

The symmetry which characterizes them is similar to that of mandalas and the wonderful symmetric perfection of nature.

I invite you, as a viewer, to experience the relaxing effect they create while looking at these Reflections. Look at them closely and you might even see them come to life in a caleidoscopic manner. 

I present to you an artistic way of welcoming all that is positive and magical into your life. I hope they brighten your day, as much as the immense joy and love I feel while creating them. 

This painting is available in the following size:
A4 - measuring 29,7 cm X 21 cm, (11,7 x 7,9 inches).

Floral patterns and bright bold colours are a staple in Lis Gonçalves' artwork, which is packed with positive energy. Her style aims to bring a pleasing emotion to the viewer. Inspired by nature, and also by traditional arts from around the world, her work is synonymous with serenity and joy, jovial innocence and cheerful feelings.

All works are carefully shipped flat, inside a protective sleeve along with a stiff card for protection.

*Frame not included.*

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