portuguese tile painting acrylic on paper

30cm x 30cm tile painting on paper

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Commissioned original painting inspired in the portuguese tiles and with the colours of your choice.

Tiles  (called Azulejos) are everywhere in Portugal. Deeply embedded in our  history and culture, there is a variety of wonderful examples to find around the country.

What makes them special (at least to me) are the surprising repeated patterns they create, and the symmetry that comes with it. Symmetry can be found everywhere in nature, and it certainly has a powerful energy. For some reason mandalas are so symbolic. 

These tiles are, in a way, simple mandalas, inspired by portuguese tiles, and decorated with colourful elements found in nature. All good reasons to consider these images as bearers of strong, uplifting vibes.

The artwork can be painted either in acrylic, or acrylic and pigment ink.

This original piece measures 30cm X 30cm, (11,8 x 11,8 inches).

The art piece is carefully shipped flat, inside a protective sleeve and bubble envelope.

Artwork creation will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks till completion.
Delivery will take between 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on destination.

Floral patterns and bright bold colours are a staple in Lis Gonçalves' artwork, which is packed with positive energy. Her style aims to bring a pleasing emotion to the viewer. Inspired by nature, and also by traditional arts from around the world, her work is synonymous with serenity and joy, jovial innocence and cheerful feelings.

Lis is happy to create a an artwork specially for you.

To order, please head to checkout. After your payment, Lis will contact you back in less than 48 hours to arrange all the details with you.

You may also contact her, if you wish, at lisdgoncalves@gmail with the specifications you desire.