About Lis



Lis Gonçalves is a self-taught Portuguese artist born in South Africa. She creates colourful artwork, with patterns inspired by nature, which she applies to Portuguese themed illustrations among other work.


The project Art by Lis Gonçalves started in 2012, when Lis decided to present a fresh and joyful take on the Portuguese traditional icons like the Barcelos rooster or the famous tiles. She later on extended her unique style to more city landmarks, and other art series.


Her artwork decorates homes all over the world, the best-sellers being the swallows and the sardines. She also licenses her artwork to companies worldwide, and her commissioned artwork Flight of Swallows is always a huge success.


Lis’ style aims to bring a positive emotion to the viewer. One of pleasure and serenity, carefree inocence and joyful nostalgia. One that makes you forget about the sometimes troubled reality of our world.


I strive to portray images that are alive with movement, flowers that seem to bloom before your eyes, communicating a nostalgic and pleasant emotion of peace and happiness and bearing the wonderful positive energies that nature gives us, through the combination of sensitive colours, and intuitive yet coherent form.

 I welcome you to explore my world of vibrant hues and mesmerizing bouquets, if only to bring brightness to a gloomy day.